Auditing Services


audit services

We offer a range of Auditing Services

Auditing services include internal auditing of a company’s own Quality Management system. This may be a COP quality system (See COP Section).
or an ISO certified Quality Management system (See ISO9001 Section).

Pre-assessment Auditing; Ensure that you are compliant before a certification body or an Automotive Type Approval Authority Audit for example; a COP Audit or an ISO9001 Audit
External Auditing on a contract basis for a range of systems including ISO, COP and other Management systems.

We can also carry out audits of your Supplier’s Management systems.
Audits to strengthen your system.
Gap Analysis Audits.

Resources won’t stretch to a dedicated Auditor- we can provide an Auditor when you need them.
The benefits include: Fresh pair of Eyes; Impartial auditing; Auditor not involved in the process being audited so independent findings.


Congratulations if you have now achieved your certification!


Congratulations if you have now achieved your certification to either COP, Type Approval or ISO9001 Quality Management System: you now have to ensure that the ongoing requirements are continually met and your Business Goals, Risks and Opportunities are monitored, measured and consistently audited to ensure ongoing compliance.
We can audit your system to ensure that you are able to continually meet your requirements or expectations.


Ongoing support and guidance.

As with all of our Management systems consultancy services, we will provide you with as much or as little Auditing support as you need.

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